Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where Do I Start...

Tuesday sounds good. Well, Tuesday I got home from Portobello Road and found a package waiting for me. I was so excited cause I had ordered a sweet little clock face from Sara at I have been looking for clock faces and just couldn't resist getting one from her. I didn't expect it so soon coming all the way from California, but here it is...
Her blog and especially her on-line shop is so sweet and fun to brows through. I am so pleased with my purchase. It really felt more like a gift being sent to me with all her sweet touches. Thank you so Sara, love it all.

Funny, one of the surprises in the package was a couple lil cards and one was stamped travel log. It just so happens, I was just about to take a break and travel to Virginia Beach that same day. So I packed and was on my way. It was beautiful weather, perfect, sunny. Had a great time, can't wait to go back again soon. I had a visit with my (angel door) friend Kathryn. Spent some time at the beach and quality time with my husband. I didn't get many great pictures, my camera is not so great but here are a few. This is the board walk with hotels along the shore. The one we stay at is along this row on 21st. street. This sail boat was just so sweet as a back drop for the surfers. This is first street where my son learned to surf when he was about 12. He is now about to turn 21 next month, yikkes! This 3rd picture, is a surfer just arriving as we were leaving and I had to take the shot.

I also did some antiquing (of course) and found this window, just perfect. I saw it a while back at a store I've shopped at for years when I lived in VB and this was in the window . At that time they were closing, so I said next time. The first thing I did was go see if it was even for sale, it was. I put it in my kitchen where I have this great little sitting area over looking out beautiful view out back. Just a perfect place to sit and relax or for company to relax and keep me company while I cook. I found the blue watering can many week ago at a shop just around the corner from home, what a pair.

What a busy week I've had. I am glad to be back home and near my creative corner. I do so miss my sewing room when I'm gone. The beach was great, sunny the whole time. But home is best.

The view out my kitchen window.


Sadie Olive said...

I am so happy you liked it! I always love getting packages in the mail. :) Your trip looks like fun too. Sounds like my heaven, the beach and antique shopping!

Anonymous said...


I really need to move where you live, so i can go "antiquing" with you!! I promise you, you are so good at this, I LOVE..LOVE...YOUR MIRROR. She is the most graceful thing i have seen i a while. You obviously had a marvelous time indeed!! Glad to have you back, Your pictures look so heavenly and the Beach...Wow!!


Anonymous said...

..."Oh...and the view out your kitchen window...(another sigh & WOW!!")


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! Becky... I found so many things for this swap for you...I surprised myself actually with the things I found. I went to three shoppes and they all had something fun!!!! Can't wait to spoil you!!! I am waiting for one more thing which I won on Ebay too, it has to be shipped from Ireland !!! So I will have to ship things later...also because we will be out of town starting next Sunday...for a week. We are going to see Treasure Barn ( My MaMa in Law ).Then I will get everything together when I get back.hee hee :)

Anonymous said...


Becky you are too funny and you need to come back to California and be my neighbor!! "WOW"...i have close friend who live in Redondo Beach, CA. and love it there too!! I am more in the Valley...kinda boring around me but like I said...all interesting places are about an Hour to two hours away from me!! I live by Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Carmel, Lake Tahoe, and all the Gold mining towns i wrote about!! (they are all a drive but worth the Gassss!!)

(Still wish I had you to "antique with!")


Sherri said...

slobber, slobber. I just found your blog and am drooling at the wonderful items, rooms and store arrangements. WOW. I love it all..