Friday, June 29, 2007

Old Salem, Painted ladies...

I drove to Salem, VA today, just to drop off some dolls at a shop. And around the corner I spotted these houses. I hopped out of the car with my camera, (it just happens to go with me everywhere now, hmmm) and snapped a few pictures to share. (I felt like a paparazzi). I looooooove the painted ladies. I'm not sure if that's what they are calling them. But they look like ladies to me. There were just a few of them, these 3 looked original.These houses are so beautiful. The newly renovated, freshly painted and the old shabby one as well. I hope you enjoyed seeing a piece of old Salem. I researched them and this is what I found...

Evans Webber House (1882) 213 Broad Street
Lavish example of Second French Empire architecture, the house, built by John Evans, still boasts its original carved wood cornices, brackets, eaves and 13-foot ceilings. Windows made of cast iron.

Rice House (1867) - 223
Broad Street
Built by Salem attorney D. B. Strouse, house did not originally support those massive Corinthian columns. Owner renovated original long, thin, one-story porch after seeing porch similar to this one on trip north in early 1900s. House still has fireplace in every room, including six bedrooms, and original wrought iron fence.
Walkers may proceed along alley between the Evans Webber and Rice houses, a typical nineteenth century passageway for townspeople on horseback or foot.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Rose

A Rose is a rose
is a rose as they say
by any other name
would be a tulip.
Elaine E. Brebner

I just had to share what I cut from my rose bush today. I think I counted 12 on one branch. And they smell so sweet.

Now, I've never tried this recipe, I just thought it was interesting. I got it out of an old Time Life book of roses from 1971 I got at an antique shop.

Rose-Petal Jam
8 ounces of petals, preferably taken from newly opened fragrant red or pink roses
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 1/2 pounds sugar
1 cup rose water (available in pharmacies)

Wash and drain the rose petals. Dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice and rose water. Add the petals and leave in a warm place to steep for a few hours. Put in a saucepan; simmer gently for 30 minutes, stirring frequently, until the mixture takes on a jam like consistency. Allow to cool, then put it in small class jars and cover.

We all love these little old bottles. Here is what I did with some I've collected. I found some old pieces of wood, like a piece from the side of a barrel and wired an old bottle to it and look instant rose bud holders.

I didn't want to leave out my Petunias.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where Do I Start...

Tuesday sounds good. Well, Tuesday I got home from Portobello Road and found a package waiting for me. I was so excited cause I had ordered a sweet little clock face from Sara at I have been looking for clock faces and just couldn't resist getting one from her. I didn't expect it so soon coming all the way from California, but here it is...
Her blog and especially her on-line shop is so sweet and fun to brows through. I am so pleased with my purchase. It really felt more like a gift being sent to me with all her sweet touches. Thank you so Sara, love it all.

Funny, one of the surprises in the package was a couple lil cards and one was stamped travel log. It just so happens, I was just about to take a break and travel to Virginia Beach that same day. So I packed and was on my way. It was beautiful weather, perfect, sunny. Had a great time, can't wait to go back again soon. I had a visit with my (angel door) friend Kathryn. Spent some time at the beach and quality time with my husband. I didn't get many great pictures, my camera is not so great but here are a few. This is the board walk with hotels along the shore. The one we stay at is along this row on 21st. street. This sail boat was just so sweet as a back drop for the surfers. This is first street where my son learned to surf when he was about 12. He is now about to turn 21 next month, yikkes! This 3rd picture, is a surfer just arriving as we were leaving and I had to take the shot.

I also did some antiquing (of course) and found this window, just perfect. I saw it a while back at a store I've shopped at for years when I lived in VB and this was in the window . At that time they were closing, so I said next time. The first thing I did was go see if it was even for sale, it was. I put it in my kitchen where I have this great little sitting area over looking out beautiful view out back. Just a perfect place to sit and relax or for company to relax and keep me company while I cook. I found the blue watering can many week ago at a shop just around the corner from home, what a pair.

What a busy week I've had. I am glad to be back home and near my creative corner. I do so miss my sewing room when I'm gone. The beach was great, sunny the whole time. But home is best.

The view out my kitchen window.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Oops.. I forgot I was tagged, by Dawn of
The Feathered Nest. I was to post what was for dinner.
Well, its very hot here in Virginia right now ,93 today and humid, yikkes! So cooking? Not doing that so much. However I did make this wonderful salad. I got it from Giada De Laurentiis, from the Food Network, a long time ago. I always make it when its to hot to cook. It is a great go to side and you can mix it with a Penne pasta and make it a full meal. Super easy and Delicious! So here it goes...
Makes 2-4 servings
1. Cube 2 or 3 Roma tomato's
2. Cube 1/2 lb. Mozzarella cheese
3. Chop about 5 or 6 large fresh basil leaves, (chiffonade: pile up leaves on top of each other and roll them up then chop away, makes pretty shreds.
4. salt and pepper to taste
5. then drizzle Olive Oil, about 1/4 cup all over and mix all together.
Don't forget to try it mixed with Penne pasta.
That's it, Enjoy!
Oh, and now I tag Mica, over at Garboodles .
What's for dinner Friend?
Sepia Art Studio

A sweet new online shop has opened up.
Delila, the shop owner, has sweet & fun needfuls for you to add to your own artwork. A must see!

Here are a few samples of what fun trinkets and treasures she has.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The ART of Inspiration...

I know this great artist, very well. I've known her since birth. She has been an inspiration to me many times in my life. She loves light houses and as you can see by the pictures, for good reason. This is one of her color pencil drawing, (sorry for the blur, bad camera.)my favorite of the bunch. I've never seen anything like what she does, and with color pencils, amazing.

When I was about 7 or 8, she had to be about 14 or 15 yrs. old, I was playing at the rec. center/playground where she worked in Chicago. She had me sit for her and she pencil sketched my profile, to perfection, she even sketched in my little baby earrings I was wearing on my lil ears . I remember even back then, so young thinking, "WOW, how'd she do that". I don't have the picture anymore, I don't think she does either. But I see it clear as the day she drew it. She has painted for years, in between other jobs, in her spare time and has sold a few. I think she should start a blog to share her beautiful work to the artist blogging world of .

This artist is the Mother of 3 and the Grandmother of 31/2 (one on the way). I have just a few prints of her drawings she left at my home. I hold them like treasures. She has many talent's, the best are lighting a room with her laughter and drawing or painting a picture.

This artist I speak of is Marita Susanna...
I call her Susie.
And she is my sister.
here are more of her drawings...

A very Special Sister

For many years we've shared our lives

One roof we once lived under

Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried

Through winter storms and thunder

The younger years have faded fast

We've gone our separate ways

But through all time our friendship lasts

Our bond in life remains

As summer brings the happy times

The autumn winds will whisper

A closer friend I'd never find

Than the one I call my Sister.

Vernon, 1985
Happy Flag Day...
"I don't think white will ever go out of style because it's so calming"home owner Betty Maudlin

I had to share some new pictures of the white room at Portobello Road. We thought there was a bit to much color creeping in so we revamped the whole thing, all in white again. I love this room, my favorite in the whole store. We only added a couple new things and took out some of the color. Added a touch of blue to the vanity, but the rest is all in shades of white. Since it is June we also went with a sorta wedding theme on the table. Filled it with all things a bride to be may be getting at her wedding shower. We finally added the white lights to the background that Jackie talked about it for weeks. I think it turned out great, and now I'm inspired to revamp something at home.


click pictures for better view

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A B C, mY DOLLY AnD mE, e f g, wErE iNvItED tO tEa...

I thought I'd share some pictures of my old dollies. I wouldn't call it a collection really. I just saw the first one and had to have her. I just love her sweet face. I really got the other two just to keep her company.

I haven't really named them, though I tend to call this first one Baby Janie, to myself anyway. I keep them in the guest room on top a window box. When I got the first one Roxy wouldn't stop licking her, so I keep them up.
The first one came with her dress and bonnet. But the other two I dressed in some of my Christening dresses I have collected.
My dollies are old,cracked, stained, but I love them. To me they were just perfect.

Now I'd like to share a few of my favorite dollie sitings...

Garb-oodles Soup

Netty LaCroix

~Dolls of Yore~

Northdixie Designs


Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome to Portobello Road...
I thought I should add, This store is named after a street in London, England where a wonderful flea market is, The flea market was shown in the movie "Notting Hill".

I thought I'd share some pictures of where I get to work a few days a month. My friend Jackie Barringer owns the store Portobello Road. It is in an old house in Jefferson Forest, A huge forest Thomas Jefferson once owned. As you walk up the front walkway it is filled with old and reproduction iron work, beautiful urns and planters, and benches. Inside there's vintage and reproduction everything. One of the first things I do while I'm turning all the lights on is look around as I go to see what's new. And what new display has been done or what new display I will need to create. It is just a great place for ladies to meet and shop together, chat about anything and help find just the perfect things to fill a spot at home. Customers love that she carries vintage and new things, local artist work and even cloths and sometimes gourmet food. Thursday Jackie and I finally went treasure hunting together. After all these years we had never antiqued together. We had such a great time, and we found some great things. This time I brought her to all my favorite places, next time she will show me hers.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Yet another rose.

Seems as though I've been tagged by the lovely Dawn of . I am to tell 7 random fact about me, what fun...

1. I love, love, love, peanut butter.

2. I am a procrastinator, yet get my best work done when crunched for time.

3. My favorate place to be is the beach.

4. I would drive any distance rather then fly somewhere.

5. I crunch ice way to much, I'm doing it right now.

6. I love to watch Little house on the Prairie while on the treadmill.

7. I'm the youngest of 10, and raised by a single parent, MOM.

Ok that was harder then I thought it would be. Now I'm to tag two others. Well, Jeannene of Love Conquers All , and Sara of

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Who would be a mermaid fair...

Molly, Madison, Miranda, Mikaela, & Mackenzie

I've finished these mermaids late into last night. I seem to get more work done when its very late. They are so fun to work on. Embelishing with the shells and starfish, and I painted the faces. Such a different thing then my angels. Three of these beauties are named for my nieces, Molly, Mikala, and Madison. So many summers spent swimming in the ocean, lake and pools with those lil mermaids inspired me to make these sweet Sea Angels. A customer last year bought a couple and used them to decorate her pool room. These 5 are off to Virginia Beach, they will be much happier closer to the ocean.