Friday, June 29, 2007

Old Salem, Painted ladies...

I drove to Salem, VA today, just to drop off some dolls at a shop. And around the corner I spotted these houses. I hopped out of the car with my camera, (it just happens to go with me everywhere now, hmmm) and snapped a few pictures to share. (I felt like a paparazzi). I looooooove the painted ladies. I'm not sure if that's what they are calling them. But they look like ladies to me. There were just a few of them, these 3 looked original.These houses are so beautiful. The newly renovated, freshly painted and the old shabby one as well. I hope you enjoyed seeing a piece of old Salem. I researched them and this is what I found...

Evans Webber House (1882) 213 Broad Street
Lavish example of Second French Empire architecture, the house, built by John Evans, still boasts its original carved wood cornices, brackets, eaves and 13-foot ceilings. Windows made of cast iron.

Rice House (1867) - 223
Broad Street
Built by Salem attorney D. B. Strouse, house did not originally support those massive Corinthian columns. Owner renovated original long, thin, one-story porch after seeing porch similar to this one on trip north in early 1900s. House still has fireplace in every room, including six bedrooms, and original wrought iron fence.
Walkers may proceed along alley between the Evans Webber and Rice houses, a typical nineteenth century passageway for townspeople on horseback or foot.

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Jeannene said...

"OH Becky",
These are such Awesome pictures I love looking at Old Houses and the architecture as well, I think that comes from my dad, he is a finish Contractor, and I grew up looking at the detail of his work. Very nice a "Original Post."

I leave tomorrow, see when I return!! " me a favor...don't post too much (i don't want to miss a thing on your blog!!" haha)

Have a safe 4th!!


Sam I Am said...

awesome pictures..wonderful houses!!!!!!! :)