Saturday, December 29, 2007

New wonders for a New Year...

I am looking forward to all the new things to come in the New Year. All the new things to create, new art to see, new inspirations, and new friends to get to know. And Old friends to hear from.

And Keep a look out for something new in blog land. It will be something wonderful.

I wish you all a bright and Happy New Year in 2008.

Smiles Always,


Monday, December 24, 2007

This Christmas Eve...

I want to wish you all the very finest Christmas Eve.
With all the Lords blessings, Peace, light.
May you have laughter, love and Cheer with all your family and friends this Christmas Eve.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome to our Holiday Home...

I've been decorating here and there when I have time and It was coming along, but slow but I'm finally done. I posted My friends house to show how pretty it was and thought why don't I post some pictures of my own home. So here ya go and I hope you all enjoy.

Oh Christmas Tree...
Don't forget to click on pictures for better view.

A Merry Christmas to ya...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer...
So much to do so little time left to do it. But don't ya just love it. And I haven't really even started my Christmas shopping yet. Yikkes! Still makin dolls, working at the store and trying to get the house decorated. It is coming along.

Remember these?

Here is one I finished. Made with treasures old and new.

I call him "Sinter Klass"

Fun for all the children call their favorite time of year...
Sunday , some friends and I went to a Christmas party at a friend/customers house. I just had to post some of the pictures of her lovely warm home, it was just Magnificent. I was so proud to have some of my Santa's displayed in her home with the other beautiful things she's collect. Pat was recently featured in a local magazine here in Lynchburg, VA. It was a wonderful story and lovely pictures too.

Here is her Home Sweet Home
Come on in...
Sleigh bells in the air, beauty everywhere...

Yuletide by the fireside, and joyful memories there...

click on some pictures for close up.

Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh There's no place like Home for the Holidays...

Well, I've been on a little trip and I am so glad to be home again. Dave and I took a trip South over the past couple weeks. He had business in Orlando FL and Charleston SC so I tagged along and had a great time visiting and shopping. His family lives in Orlando so it was nice to visit with them. And we have some great friends in Charleston we spent some good time with. It was all great fun but I am so glad to be back and ready to decorate the house for Christmas. We usually do this much earlier but the trip changed that. It was 85 in Florida during our visit, I wished it was colder. But we arrived back in Virginia just after a dusting of snow and today we have a bit of ice. I'm so ready for this winter, the nesting and cozy fires. I can't wait, we may just have a white Christmas.

Giveaway prizes packed and on the way. I'm a day later than I thought. But I hope all you winners enjoy your treasures. Be sure to let me know they all arrive safe to your homes. Thanks to all for your comments. This was so fun, I hope to do it again soon.

I'm off to the sewing machine, still more Santa's to make before it's to late.

This is so what my house looks like now. I've got work to do.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

And the winner is...

For first prize... Lucy Bloom
Will receive this "Heavens Angel", hand made by me, from a vintage baby doll dress, 100 year old wood for her wings and mother of pearl buttons for her eyes.

Second Place Prize...Sam I am~Sandy


Will receive "Aubrey Aleah" A twice blessed fairie created from treasures olde & new. Her under skirt is made from a vintage hanky, and dress is made from a vintage linen napkin. With hand painted, paper clay hands, legs and face. Feather wings and a paper cone hat embellished with rhinestones.

Third Place Prize... "Lynne"


She will receive a mini collection of things I love. Sewing notions including a wool pin-cushion with 3 vintage glass pins, a itty-bitty dollie, vintage measuring tape, vintage card of mother of pearl buttons, sweet tiny scissors a snipp-it of lace and a scrap of a vintage blue quilt, and a wood dove Christmas ornament, all in a sweet basket lined with a scrap of wool.

And there's more...

For those first 5 visitors that posted my giveaway on their blogs will receive...
This sweet mini folk art bird and Christmas gift tag.

And they are...

Dawn from

Madrekarin from

Lesha from

Dolly from

Laura from

And I kept picking...
un-named from
You 3 send me your address and I have a lil something for you too.
If all here mentioned will send me an e-mail at
with your address I will send out your prizes on
December 6th.
Thank you all for joining in on the fun. I sure had a blast. And I look forward to my next giveaway. Don't you?

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I thought I would posts a few pictures of some of the treasures for my Giveaway. I should call it a "Gift Away" cause I wish I could give all you sweet gals a gift. Old and new stranger-friends have been so lovely to say something nice. I think I can get use to this give away stuff. I'm lovin it. But who doesn't love a sweet comment once in a while. But time is running short and these are some treasures I've made and collected for Saturdays drawing. I hope you like it and Good Luck to you all...

These is a bit more that I left for a surprise.

I will draw names Saturday, November 24th at 8:00 pm (Eastern time) and post winners here.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Tidings and a Giveaway...
"We Gather Together, to ask the Lords Blessing"
It's nearly that time, for baking, and basting, stuffing and tasting.

And of course Giving Thanks for all we are blessed with. I haven't had much time lately to post much, or even to think of much to say. It has been nice this weekend to play around with the computer again and try some new things.

I am looking forward to the time in the Kitchen to bake. Especially for my son who has returned from school for the holiday week. It is even going to be fun sprucing up the house for our Thanksgiving.
I just wanted to wish everyone a fun filled week with all the primping for your wonderful feast. And send a joyful wish for a smooth & safe and beautiful Holiday.

I also thought it was time I had a
It's not my 100th post or anything like that, just a good time to spread some fun and cheer. And what better time than this Holiday.
Simply leave a comment on this post this week, And on
Saturday, November 24th,
I will draw names for some fun and festive prizes.
Want a hint of the prizes?
Well, they will have a sewing,angel, Dollie, Vintage Christmas theme.
How's that?
I will post pictures of prizes later in the week.
Spread the word...
The first 5 commenter's mentioning my giveaway on your blog will get a prize for doing so too.
Have a great week everyone.

Friday, November 16, 2007

New Angel...

I've made a lot of Santa's this week and some angels. So I added a new Angel to my Etsy shop. She is a simple angel but I just love the look. I added this great glittery rhinestone button to her vintage Christening dress and a white tin star to her head. I hope to get some Santa's and Snowmen back on my Esty shop very soon. But here are some pictures of some I've been working on.
~Dont forget to click on pictures for a close up~

Glitter Santa

Sleepy time Santa

"Makin his list" Santa

This one I named Sinter Klaus

What's next...

Paper Clay Santa heads.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ho Ho Ho, who do ya know...

Working on Santa's all month, I've been thinking about all the different names to call each one. I've seen many just named a regular name, like Santa Henry Fred etc. I make so many different kinds I find I can quickly run out of names to refer to the jolly ole' guy... St.Nick~St.Nicholas~Belsnickle~Sinter Klaas~Santa Claus~Jolly old elf~Santa~Kris Kringle. Can you think of any others? All it took for me to get in the Christmas holiday mood was to make just a couple and I was off. I am ready to decorate the house and string the lights. But I will wait, as always, till December 1st.
Well, the show I had been working on is now over and it was great fun. This show is very special to me. It is made up of about 12 woman and we put it on ourselves. We organize it, set it up, send out invitations, do all the decorating, make the stuff to show, tag'em and bag'em. We also all make something wonderful to eat.
Here is what I made this time, from the Paula Deen Christmas magazine.
A Pear and Cranberry Tart, Yummy. Then during the show we take turns visiting and eating up all the scrumptious food everyone brings. We do it all and it always turns out so wonderful. And when it is over we clear out and clean up the house our gracious host's allows us to use, a beautiful home indeed. And even before we have all caught our breaths after the show is over, we begin to plan for the next year. With a fun get together after show dinner. First we exchange gifts then cackle for hours and right back to planning for the next years show. I love being involve in this wonderful show and am already planning on what to make next year.
Well, I have listed some new thing on my Etsy ~Shop around the corner~. I hope you all come take a look at what I've made. I have great fun and there will be more to come in the next few days. Don't forget to leave a comment. I love to hear from you all.

My best to you all on this Veterans day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Portobello Santa...

Yesterday I made a Christmas delivery and spent the day helping with Christmas decorations at Portobello Road, (A shop I work at once a week). Nothing like a little Christmas decorating to put me in the mood for the Holidays, it was so fun. But this Santa is what I am really excited about. 
 I call him ~Sir Santa~We put him in the White room right away, he fit in nicly there. I'm also going to make some with red clothing and a whiter white. Maybe a Green too,like a woodland Santa.
I will have some on my Etsy shop very soon. And much more Christmas to come of course. I feel I'm just getting started.

The show I'm doing is creeping up on me faster then I would like. But I like the pressure. I feel it makes me work better and faster. We will see how I do with just a few day left and not enough goodies to show.

Well, here is another shot of ~Sir Santa~ in the white room.
I hope you enjoy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

So Exciting...

Well, exciting for me anyway. I sold my first item from my Etsy shop. How great is that. I didn't expect to get this big a thrill out of it. I've been selling dolls for nearly 18 years. But I guess since it is the first time ever selling anything on the web for me, it is very exciting.
This is the item I sold. One of my vintage watch brackets. This one happens to be my very favorite too. I had added a little charm to it, a silver star with wings, my signature touch. I just thought it was so sweet.
Anyway, I have been at my sewing machine all week and got away one day to work at Portobello Road. We are just getting the store ready for Christmas. But at home I am surrounded by naked Santa bodies, its very funny at times. I've also finally finished decorating the last wall in my sewing room.
Its been bare for quite a while. I just love my old Christening dresses, I have a great collection. So I thought I'd add a few to the wall. Hopefully to inspire me more to make more of my Heavens Angels.
This is one of my Heavens Angels, on display (for sale) at Portobello Road. I will have some at my Etsy shop again very soon, with a couple new looks.

Well, back to the sewing table. Its gotten cold around here, Santa needs a coat...