Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Fair to Remember...

I have been away for much to long.
I have much fun to share. Business has picked up so I have had my Hands to Work.

First I'll share that my Charms can now be found in Richmond VA, at the new
Whole Foods Market at Short Pump.
A very sweet girl who is a buyer for Whole Foods Market contacted me through my Etsy shop (and a few other talented locals) and asked if we would be interested in having our work in the new store, in the beauty section.
So I jumped at the chance. I was at my work table with soldering Iron in hand for 3 weeks. I thought I would never get so many done, but I did. I was up to my ears in charms.

After all that it was time for a break, so my wonderful husband took me on a little spur of the moment trip. Just us two, on the road again.

To the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

It was just wonderful, fabulous, spectacular!
I got to meet some of the most talented artist we all know and love, and I shopped till I dropped. It was a
"Craft Show on Steroids".
That is the best way I can describe it. Even with the steamy rain all day, it was still one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever been to. And meeting these artist was just a Thrill for me, and we all know how truly talented these ladies are.

When I first arrived It was right to Earth Angel Toys booth. Oh to see all this beautiful art work in person, I was in Awe.
To my surprise, I meet Jennifer Schneeman. I have loved and admired her work for many years and she was there too.

Before I left, I had to go back to Earth Angels just one last time to see if I could catch
Debbee Thibault.
She wasn't there when I first came by. But she was this time, and I must say one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure chatting with. What a treat to meet her.

What a fantastical day it was. Here are a few more pictures of the Show.
Fall is in full bloom in Ohio.

A delightlful vintage wares booth.