Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Didn't Know What I Had... 

 Funny how we are on the look out for those special things we love. 
But only find them when we are not looking at all.
I was at  The Olde Mill Primitives shop:
 and I saw this box with a tiny doll in it. 
I never looked close at it but I
I grabbed it and had them hold it for me.
 After a while, I remembered it and picked it up the
next time I was there. 
 I knew it was a doll, 
and we all know how I love dolls. 
Well when I got home, 
I just dropped it on my desk 
in my sewing room and forgot about it again.

The next day I had some sewing to do and saw it laying there, 
and that is when I finally opened the box. 

 I took out the little doll.
  That is when I got a better look at her.

 What a sweet face.
 Then an even closer look I see this thing on the front of her.

Wrapped in the same cloth her dress was made of was this perfect, even tinier, itty bitty Dollie.
With the tiniest painted face. 

The sweetest find of all... 

White Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Project...

I've been working on and I thought I'd share it for White Wednesday.
  I had been looking for a dress form for a while now. 
One I felt I could revamp, didn't cost much and wasn't in great shape. 
 My intentions were to do this...
This one was fabric covered 
and not in great shape.
So first I coated it with Gesso all over.
 View of the pack...
Then I began to cover it using these 
Early News Paper style shop bags 
and Mod Podge.
You would think it would not 
take long to cover wouldn't you...NOT!
It took me a total of 
7 hours over 3 days to get-er-done...
Just the way I wanted.
I was so excited 
I had only two pieces left 
till I remembered,
I had to do the back too...
 Ahhh... Front complete.
 And onward I went 
to finish the back...
 All done...
I also had to do a bit of work
on the stand too. 
But my itch to do one of these is now scratched.

Finished Front...
Finished Back...

Fun Project in the end. 
(Except for the gooey-gluey fingers)
By the time I was done I wanted to keep it for myself. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sweet September breeze...
falling falling golden leaf... 
Brightest bluest sky.
Summer is dozing off to sleep...
Autumn is awakening.