Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Bunnies comin to town...

Hands to work on some sweet Easter creations.
What fun I had making these darlings.

all dressed up for an Easter Parade...

Don't you just love Spring?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Like a burst of SunShine...

Feeling Yellow...

Like the Sun warming my skin...

Flowers bloom...

Spring is calling...

and says she is happy to be here...

As am I.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Collecting Pretties...

Sharing a few random things I'm in love with right now.
New, Olde Dollies...


Handmade Easter Eggs...

Black Currant & Cassis candle...
Oh what a wonderful scent.

Monday, March 15, 2010

was mostly Wonderful.
Did you see it yet?
I did adore this Movie.
 Most especially the Early cloths at the beginning
 and the end of the Movie.
 I love being inspired by Movies like this.
 I just wanted to hurry home and make something with lots of color.
But I did love the Queen in White the most.
I could see it again & again, but I'll wait for the DVD. 
Have a colorful week all.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angels on my mind...

I have no more Snow,
 not a fancy room to share,
and Flowers have yet to bloom.
But I send to you on this lovely White Wednesday,
 a sweet Angel I made some time ago.

One of my most favorite I've ever made.
She resides at a dear friends home now.
She is a bit Shabby, but sweet.
I used her in one of my first Blog post.
I simply love to look back every once in a while.
Here is another...

On a not so ligher note, if I may...
I'm thinking of Angels for a good reason today.
 I grew up In Huntington Beach, California and
this sweet girl was my dear friend in the 6th grade,
we were school mates and we played and laughed together.
 Her name is Robin Samsoe.
She was taken senselessly & tragically
 from her family and friends so many years ago.
more of the story
 Yesterday Robin finally may have gotten the peace and some Justice she deserved so many years ago. 
And I hope now her family can get some peace.
 I just wanted to Honor her memory with this mention today.

Have a Blessed Day all.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage On Main...

for White Wednesday,
is a little shop just a few towns over from mine in Amherst, VA.
And what a sweet shop it is.
And the owner, Vicki Hill couldn't be sweeter.
It takes me back in time with all it's Vintage goodness.
Being cooped up so long from the snow,
(happy to say, it's all melted away,
and what we got last night is gone again this sunny morning.)
it was so good to get out last
Saturday on a most beautiful Sunny day
for a little Vintage shopping.
And White Wednesday was on my mind when I started snapping pictures.


White Dress on Aqua wall...
Love this!

I'm in the Mood for Spring...