Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angels on my mind...

I have no more Snow,
 not a fancy room to share,
and Flowers have yet to bloom.
But I send to you on this lovely White Wednesday,
 a sweet Angel I made some time ago.

One of my most favorite I've ever made.
She resides at a dear friends home now.
She is a bit Shabby, but sweet.
I used her in one of my first Blog post.
I simply love to look back every once in a while.
Here is another...

On a not so ligher note, if I may...
I'm thinking of Angels for a good reason today.
 I grew up In Huntington Beach, California and
this sweet girl was my dear friend in the 6th grade,
we were school mates and we played and laughed together.
 Her name is Robin Samsoe.
She was taken senselessly & tragically
 from her family and friends so many years ago.
more of the story
 Yesterday Robin finally may have gotten the peace and some Justice she deserved so many years ago. 
And I hope now her family can get some peace.
 I just wanted to Honor her memory with this mention today.

Have a Blessed Day all.


Carolina Mountains said...

Love your angel dolls and so sad that you lost a sweet childhood friend so soon.

Rebecca said...

Your angel is wonderful.
And I am sorry to hear that Robin was taken so tragically. Hard to understand some things in this life.
Blessings to you today as you remember your friend

Mica said...

what delicate angels. I remember you first blog post!!! That is tragic about your friend. Though I could not see the story...that is a sweet gesture to honor her ... Blessings, Mica

Mica said...

thank you for sharing...Justice will prevail... He should be put to death...and if he doesn't he will surely be going to the fire eternally. I viewed the pics. and it just crushed my heart ( As a Mother myself) to see the pain in her mothers eyes... I am so happy for them that they may finally have some peace in their heart. May Robin rest in peace. Mica

Victoria said...

I live in Laguna Hills and have been following the story of your friend on the local news and the OC Register. I'm so happy for the family that it's over, your friend can rest in peace now knowing justice was served once and for all.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

My heart goes out to that family...

Faded Charm said...

I always love your angels and so sorry for the loss of your friend at such an early age. That's my daughter's age and I can't even imagine what that family has been through. I hope they have a little peace today.

Take care,