Monday, November 12, 2007

Ho Ho Ho, who do ya know...

Working on Santa's all month, I've been thinking about all the different names to call each one. I've seen many just named a regular name, like Santa Henry Fred etc. I make so many different kinds I find I can quickly run out of names to refer to the jolly ole' guy... St.Nick~St.Nicholas~Belsnickle~Sinter Klaas~Santa Claus~Jolly old elf~Santa~Kris Kringle. Can you think of any others? All it took for me to get in the Christmas holiday mood was to make just a couple and I was off. I am ready to decorate the house and string the lights. But I will wait, as always, till December 1st.
Well, the show I had been working on is now over and it was great fun. This show is very special to me. It is made up of about 12 woman and we put it on ourselves. We organize it, set it up, send out invitations, do all the decorating, make the stuff to show, tag'em and bag'em. We also all make something wonderful to eat.
Here is what I made this time, from the Paula Deen Christmas magazine.
A Pear and Cranberry Tart, Yummy. Then during the show we take turns visiting and eating up all the scrumptious food everyone brings. We do it all and it always turns out so wonderful. And when it is over we clear out and clean up the house our gracious host's allows us to use, a beautiful home indeed. And even before we have all caught our breaths after the show is over, we begin to plan for the next year. With a fun get together after show dinner. First we exchange gifts then cackle for hours and right back to planning for the next years show. I love being involve in this wonderful show and am already planning on what to make next year.
Well, I have listed some new thing on my Etsy ~Shop around the corner~. I hope you all come take a look at what I've made. I have great fun and there will be more to come in the next few days. Don't forget to leave a comment. I love to hear from you all.

My best to you all on this Veterans day.


Jeannene said...

"Well..Well, dear Becky!"

I just happened to stop by and saw a new have been quite the busy bee, haven't you? All for a great cause and having quite a blast and fun in the process. Sounds like you have really enjoyed your self these last few day and week. All looks so lovely and so wonderfully made, i am so in "Awe" and amazed at all your outstanding work! You will be quite a success this Christmas on your Etsy.
"Miss you friend, now maybe we can catch up?"
xo Jeannene

Sam I Am said...

ooooo yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what time did you want us all over to help you eat that yummy treat?????

Sam I Am said...

ooooo can't wait to see your decorated shop pics :) :) :)