Thursday, June 14, 2007

The ART of Inspiration...

I know this great artist, very well. I've known her since birth. She has been an inspiration to me many times in my life. She loves light houses and as you can see by the pictures, for good reason. This is one of her color pencil drawing, (sorry for the blur, bad camera.)my favorite of the bunch. I've never seen anything like what she does, and with color pencils, amazing.

When I was about 7 or 8, she had to be about 14 or 15 yrs. old, I was playing at the rec. center/playground where she worked in Chicago. She had me sit for her and she pencil sketched my profile, to perfection, she even sketched in my little baby earrings I was wearing on my lil ears . I remember even back then, so young thinking, "WOW, how'd she do that". I don't have the picture anymore, I don't think she does either. But I see it clear as the day she drew it. She has painted for years, in between other jobs, in her spare time and has sold a few. I think she should start a blog to share her beautiful work to the artist blogging world of .

This artist is the Mother of 3 and the Grandmother of 31/2 (one on the way). I have just a few prints of her drawings she left at my home. I hold them like treasures. She has many talent's, the best are lighting a room with her laughter and drawing or painting a picture.

This artist I speak of is Marita Susanna...
I call her Susie.
And she is my sister.
here are more of her drawings...

A very Special Sister

For many years we've shared our lives

One roof we once lived under

Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried

Through winter storms and thunder

The younger years have faded fast

We've gone our separate ways

But through all time our friendship lasts

Our bond in life remains

As summer brings the happy times

The autumn winds will whisper

A closer friend I'd never find

Than the one I call my Sister.

Vernon, 1985


Anonymous said...

"How incredibly touching!"

This Post is so sweet and indeed, your sister should definetly state a blog. I would love to see more of her work, you tell her this...

Missed you the last couple of day's, and glad to see your posts again, always nice to hear from you!!

Smiles and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Omg My lil sister promoting my work..I love you and it is so funny because tonight I promoted your work...we have a connection like no other.. we have to talk I love you and this was the nicest thing I ever recieved from anyone.. I you inspiration...??? me.. I love you baby sister.. I'm feeling you for such kindered spirits and kind words..

Anonymous said...


Hope you have a lovely vacation, and hope you have lots of pictures to share when you return!!

(when you get a chance, check out a new blogger friend of mine...she is under my family & friend blogger's and her name is Kelly. You might like her decor. Business!)


Anonymous said...

Lovely art work...and the poem is so sweet. Sisters are sweet, aren't they???


Anonymous said...

awww auntie becky you made my cry i love you and miss you so much and yes my mother is an amazing artist. she is an amamzing mother as well. love you and miss bunches

Anonymous said...

yeah i did it ..becky share this with your friends & family...i love you baby sister...
i'm a travel agt.... book ur travel with me....ask me how you can B 1 2...