Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summers End...

And Autumn begins. I have been working and sewing, trying to play catch up. I can't believe I'm saying this. I am trying to catch up on fall dolls and I'm already looking forward to making my Santa's. Where has the time gone, where has August gone?

Anyway, I haven't posted in a while and wanted to drop in and show these great pictures. The watering can I got at a shop around the corner. A sweet lady has an Antique shoppe in her old garage and I found this in there and fell in love with it. The Sunflowers came from Portobello Road, the shop I work at. A local lady has a beautiful wild flower garden and sells fresh cut flowers at the shop. They are about a week old and I thought the way they are facing down a bit just made me think of summers end. The butterfly was at Smith Mountain Lake. We took a day last week and rented a boat and just road around the lake for hours and it was peaceful and beautiful. This butterfly was fluttering around as I got off the boat, didn't fly away. He was just sitting there at the waters edge and let me take its picture, for about 4 shots and then just flew away finally into the woods. I was about 1 foot from him. Here are a couple more shot of this amazing man made lake, nearly just around the corner from my home...

One more thing. I do want to announce I am having a mermaid sale at my shop around the corner. Tomorrow the price will drop to $49.00, with free shipping for the mermaids only.
I hope all who visit here have a safe and blessed day and Labor day weekend.


Jeannene said...


"Happy Labor Day to you too, Becky!!" Be safe and fun, with your family.

I so much enjoyed these lovely and very graceful pictures you shared. I would love to visit where you live.

Look out for your Swap Package sent it should get it soon!!


Mica Garbarino said...

have a great holiday. love those pics at the beach with the butterfly. I got my results re: my back. looks like degenerative disc diesease and scolirosis. however do you spell that ??? oh and a buldging disc to add. hmmmm sigh, whimpering like a baby in fetal position and sucking thumb.

Can't wait for Fall.. was that random???

PBVBRAT said...

Hey Becky,
Your Butterflies turned out great! That was such a fun day at the lake. I am getting my blog together thanks to you. I've posted everyday since I've been home. Trying to catch up on all the stuff we did while we were gone.

Mom sends her love. Hans is taking care of that aching tooth. He was tortured at the dentist today. So it was a good thing we went to the CVS while out there visiting.
Much love,

red tin heart said...

What wonderful pictures. I really loved the butterfly picture. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. love nita

Garden_Antqs said...

Hi Becky: Happy Labor Day to you!

Atticbabys said...

What beautiful photos depicting the end of summer! I adore the color of that watering can!
Have a great weekend Becky!
:-) Nan

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Those butterfly pictures are captivating! Smith Mountain Lake - in Virginia? That is soooo close to where I live! Lovely pics, Becky!