Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise...

This wonderful surprise arrived today. All bundled up so pretty. This is my Vintage Kitchen swap goodies from Jeannene of

WOW! Does this girl know me or what. I emailed her right away, even before I opened it to let her know it was here. She found the sweetest things, how did she know I would love.

I got an Apron (favorite), a kitchen clock (wow) an apple pie sign (see it on top?), two great big canisters (love it), a really cool mug (I will use for my green tea everyday), Champagne Marmalade (Yummo!) this 2008 calendar called "The Man Whisperer" (too funny, Dave is gonna love this one) which is "training tips women can use on their man"! (Ha, too funny), Mood magnets for the fridge, so I can state in a frame, what mood I'm in each day, (perfect) and a table cloth, which after chatting with Jeanene later, we decided since I didn't have a table in my eat in kitchen, the tablecloth would make a nice curtain for my sitting areas bay window. I feel totally spoiled, a good feeling I say. It is all so lovely Jeanene, Thank you dear friend, your an angel doll. How did you know just what I would love. Just like Mica with that light up ring, Perfect.

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Jeannene said...

"Good Morning My Friend",

I am so touched and thrilled you loved all of your "Vintage Like" goodies!! It was so much fun shopping for you and doing this...loved every minute of it!! And Now..hmmm, to go back and find some more of those Canisters for me....LOL!!!