Thursday, August 9, 2007

The best feeling...

I wanted to send out a huge thank you to Dawn for sending me this "Nice Matters" Award. What a nice thing to do.
I once was at a Folk art show at the William and Mary college in Williamsburg Virginia. It was the best show I had ever been to and then I was asked to do the show myself and I was honored and grateful. Well I did the show for about 6 or 7 years and loved it even more, and more each year. But there came a time the promoters decided the show had to end and It was bittersweet for me cause I never wanted it to end, but glad it went out on a high note. At the end, it was still the best folk art show I had ever been to.
Anyway, One year I was walking around taking a break from my booth (shopping) and over heard a couple ladies chatting about one of the newer vender's. As I shopped I couldn't help over hearing all the kind things they were saying about this new doll artist and her beautiful work, and how sweet she was and funny too. I thought it was nice to hear two people chatting about something nice about someone, rather than gossip and such. Well, I finished looking and started on my way to the next booth and walked in front of these two kind ladies and again over heard one say to the other, "Oh that's her, (pointing at me) she is so nice, and I love her dolls" I looked up and realized it was me they were chatting about and thought "oh wow". I don't think they knew I had over heard anything and well, I just gave them a smile and a wink and went on my way.
I just thought to myself, what a great feeling over hearing something nice about one's self. I learned how to be an even better person that day. A kind thing said is good for the soul, for who ever says it and who it is said about. I have chatted with so many sweet people here and just feel so welcome. Thanks for all who have visited On a Wing and A Prayer. Thanks for the kind words, inspiration, and sharing your art for all to see.
And Thank you Dawn for bringing back this sweet memory for me. You are so Nice, and nice really does matter...
I'd like to send this same award out to just a few of the sweetest people I know.

for always having a kind word.
for always being the first to cheer me on and such a sweetie.
Always there in a pinch, most encouraging, thoughtful, and kind.
Kristin: For her lovely, kind words
for always having a sweet compliment .
I'll tell you what's nice. Cruising so many lovely blogs and finding so many nice matters awards. It's all over blog land and I just think that's "NICE"


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Becky, what a wonderful post. You are such a sweetie and a cheerleader. Do you know those type people? Whatever your doing, making or "in to" they are your cheerleader ~ telling you how you can do it. I love that song, too ~ brings a tear to my eye...and you are right about Mica and Jeannene, they are both such angels...I'm going to go look at the other links, now. xxoo, Dawn

Jeannene said...

"Blogging has been such a blessing to me. The kind of world we live in can be so cruel. It's such a peace and joy to my heart, to meet such lovely and most AWESOME PEOPLE across this Country!!" Wow, I am so blessed to have a friend like you, and many other that we all know!!!

Thank you Sweetie!!


mica said...


The Lord has truly blessed our little Blogging frindship. You are sooo sweet. I was gonna nominate you for this award!!! Thanks for nominating me. You beat me to it!!! I wanted to tell ya Your package has been delayed , for some personal reasons. But... do not fret it will be coming your way. Forgive me for nt being so on top of that!!! Thanks again for being so kind to me always, Mica

Christine said...

Good morning Becky,

Thank you for coming to visit me and for such a lovely compliment.
I'm honored that you came and
now I've come to visit you!
How wonderful that had your show at William & Mary, what a wonderful thing for you...Williamsburg is one of my most favored places in the world...
congratulations on your awards...oh my, what honors for you..
thank you for coming by

The Feathered Nest said...

You angel, I'm sorry I failed to list your name but added you to my list of sweet nominators...I do think I'm quite sappy sometimes in my blog ~ but this world is filled with so much anger, hate, ugliness and sadness. I revel in sappiness and sweetness!!! My husband sometimes says I live in la-la-land. I tell him, well you should come on over and visit me ~ it's a great place to be!!! xxoo, Dawn

Teena said...

Becky, Years ago I did the Williamsburg show. I was a friend of Sharon Pierce and was living in Norfolk at the time so it was easy. Of course, I have traveled far to a good show.I especially love your mermaids. I am in the thought process and gathering part of doing my mermaid line. I do not sew at all so really do appreciate those who do!
Teena Flanner

Sadie Olive said...

You are deserving of this award. I always find your comments so uplifting and thouhtful. :)

Carol Keller Bass said...

Hi Becky....So nice to meet you and visit your blog. Thank you for doing the same. I recently met Dawn while in Georgia. Congratulations on the award!! You have a beautiful blog and do beautiful work. I'll check in often to see what's new.
Carol Bass
A Bird in Hand, Florida

Jeannene said...

"Good Morning friend, I hope your day is beautiful, I posted something that made me think of you, and hope you can be inspired today!!"

Have a lovely day!!