Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Peace to Men of Goodwill"

Look at the sunshine bursting out of my Peace rose. So its been a while since I've mentioned my roses. I've been nursing them since the deer attack and I'm happy to report they are doing well.
So much is going on I can't believe I am even keeping up with it. But I am, so far. Fall season hit me like a ton of bricks and I've gotten so much done in such a short time. All packed and delivered already, in fact the report from Virginia Beach is all fall delivered last week, is already gone. Yah! So back to the drawing board for me for new orders, but not until I go spend the day helping at Portobello Road tomorrow. I have family visiting with much still to keep up with. Today was my play day and shopping for Mica's vintage Kitchen swap, I hope Jeannene will love the fun stuff I found.
I am also honored to report I am working on a new special angel for the Lil Ava Grace angel silent auction. All proceeds will help defray Ava Grace's medical expenses.You can find out all about it here...
This lil angel needs your prayers


Jeannene said...

Hey Becky,
"What a lovely Post!! It has lifted my spirits indeed, I am most excited...and will be sending out my package to you by this Friday..latest..Saturday. Can't wait for your package to get to you too! I just hope and pray it is what you will like..(new at all this..LOL!!)

I pray blessing on the remaining of your family visit...hope you all have a beautiful time!!

Smiles & Hugs,

Mica said...

you should have my package for the swap in the week. Let me know that you got it. so glad to see you doing something for baby Ava too!!! XOXO Mica