Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Been to the Beach, Virginia Beach that is...

It was much to hot and smoky to actually go to the beach. Fires in North Carolina smoked up the place a little bit, notice the picture above.
So I just did some browsing around town in the hot hot hot temps, and payed a visit to an old friend.
I did go to the usual Antique shoppes. Like Barrett Street Antiques (pictures just b
But it was to hot to focus.

I did however stop at a sweet little antique/fruit stand on the way home.
Here are a few things I saw...

And This is what I took home with me...
The Chair below,
I'll share later how it looks in my own yard.

Oh, I almost forgot all about this...

I also found this sweet little Birds Nest in this tiny iron skillet.

The store owner said 3 little eggs were there, they hatched and she quietly checked on them from time to time and then one day they were gone. The back porch at this shoppe had sweet little birds nest all around.

I added a couple wooden blue eggs. I've been taking pictures all around the house, looking for the right spot to keep it.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Becky. The photos from the antique store are just gorgeous sweetie!!! I love the chair that you bought...please show pictures after you've place it at home! And you know I love the nest!!!! It's absolutely precious!! Gorgeous sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

Christine said...

isn't that the sweetest liitle thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky!~~What a great place to visit! I wanna go!~~~SO great to see your fabulous blog! Love it to bits!~~~XXOO, Beth

rosemary said...


Thanks for sharing your pictures of the antiques stores and your little birds nest. Your picture has inspired me to share a birds nest picture in the future. I will let you know when I post it! Happy summer to you!!