Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whisked Away...
on Mothers Day.
I've been away.
After a delicious Mothers day breakfast of french toast croissant, my sweet husband took me on a trip to the beach for the week. We spent the week at one of our favorite places,
Isle of Palms, South Carolina.
Roxy and I were packed and ready to go in no time. This is especially a fun trip for her, as you can tell from the pictures.
above: Roxy praying she will see a sandpiper

Dream Houses, these are 3 of my favorite right on the beach.

Do click on these pictures, for a close up of these beauties.

Roxy's prayers answered. Sandpipers and Seagulls
For many, many miles Roxy chases after birds. Gets a pat on the head from a stranger or two, then back to her hunt.
Retrievers, that is all they want to do, retrieve.
Not to worry, she will never get close enough.
Finally, she had enough, till the next day anyway.
Now it was my turn to hunt.
Time to hit the Antique shops.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures.
There is more but I'll save them for another time.


Christine said...

Dear Becky,

what a lovely time you must have had together.
the weather looks perfect and of course, Roxy had such a good time,too.
and of course, antique shopping!

The Feathered Nest said...

Looks like a beautiful day, Becky!!! I love the puppy and love the treasures too! xxoo, Dawn

Jeannene said...

"OH MY GOODNESS!!" I love all these photo's...I didn't realize you did a post about Mother's Day outing, I am so sorry I missed! What a beautiful day you all had, your doggy is too cute too! All your treasures you spotted are amazing, "That it I am coming!


LeAnne said...

Hey Becky, my sister & her family live RIGHT ON THE BEACH in Isle of I know what kind of getaway you had!! Wonderful! I am jealous, you probably walked right by her house!!! Lovely pictures, and your roses are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
LeAnne in PA