Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's A Birthday Giveaway...

My sweet friend Jeannene at is having a
Birthday and a Giveaway!
Rush on over to her blog and enter this fun giveaway.

And here is a early birthday wish for you Jeannene,
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and always, of
Sunshine and Roses, and lots of hugs.

I just picked these roses from my garden, just for you.


One more thing...

Pig Tails

apparently we shared the same hairdresser.

nene & me


Jeannene said...

"AWWW, Becky, you always are so thoughtful of others!! I hope you truly enjoy your roses, they are beautiful and I love looking at them. Thank you again for the well wishes for my B~day!

*Please post your picture back then too, I want to see!!!


Jeannene said...


THIS IS GREAT!!" I am so glad you post your picture too! I love it, we could be sister...

I think we should do a virtual childhood picture around blog land don't you?? I love this Idea, and so happy you posted your picture.

*Talk to you soon!