Friday, February 27, 2009

Do you know Virginia...

Like I know Virginia?

Just wanted to share some pictures of our drive just around the corner up the Blue Ridge
Parkway, for a little hike and some lunch on at Peaks Of Otter.
After a morning of a little dusting of snow we decided to take a trip around our neighborhood a couple weekends ago. I just happened to remember my camera this time.

below was our view at lunch.

This sweetie was just out our car window as we were leaving.

She really just stood there and looked back.

Ok that was a couple weeks ago,
and below was last weekend...

And this was today...

And Why I love Virginia.


Elaine Thomas said...

Awesome photo Becky. Wanted to let you know that I have giving you the Sisterhood Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up. Smiles, Elaine

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

So very beautiful!!!...m..

Christine said...

oh're such a lucky girl to live in Virginia...your images are just wonderful.
I'm getting homesick for your corner of the woods.

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Absolutely beautiful! You have a great eye for photography :)