Friday, February 20, 2009

Dining Room Re-Do...

I've been wanting a dining room re-do for some time now. The dining room hasn't matched the rest of the house since we bought this place. And well, I finally did it, not completely done yet, but it is lookin good and I am very pleased with it so far.

Just before Christmas I found the perfect table and chairs and couldn't pass them up and that is what got the ball finally rolling. And searching Antique and Junk shops I found a few other pieces and pulled it together just in time for the holidays.
The first three pictures below are what it looked like before. Browns,reds, green,blue, dark dark dark. Loved the folk art but wanted a cleaner more restful place, like the rest of the house.

And below is how it is looking so far.
We hope to add some crown molding and a new light fixture.

I found the shelf below at a Antique shop near me. It is a Door molding and we hope to find some crown molding to match it. I had seen the shelf 3 or 4 times and finally thought it was meant for me. So I snagged it.
I looooove the way the ironstone looks on it.
And my tiny old tea pot.

The flip side... The chairs were covered with blue and white toile, which was nice but I wanted linen so I recovered them.
And this is what it looked like for the holidays. I had a flocked tree with silver bells and icicles, white birds etc.And Angels all around.

Some of my inspiration came from some blogs that I just love to visit. So I decided to add some to a new blog list.

All so enchanting and such beauty.


Susie said...

I Love what you did to the Dining room..WOW I so Love Pure and Antique White..

UPON A HILL said...

Everything looks so serene & beautiful.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love the fresh clean, peaceful lok of this. Such a sweet, claming experience...m.

Timothy said...

The room looks great so far and I think the crown molding is going to be a nice addition!

Thanks for sharing your photos.


Christine said...

dear becky,

your home is just so ethereal and lovely...linen...a word that makes my heart sing.
it's beautiful Becky...