Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enchanting and Exquisite...

Are the words to describe

I've been on trip, to Sunny Florida this time.
I am so pleased I decided to head back to my dear hearts home town of
Venice, Florida.
My husband grew up here so we have spent many vacations in Venice visiting family and I usually try to pay a visit to this wonderful Shop while I'm there.
Last November I made the trip again, excited to see the shop all decorated for the Holiday's. But to my surprise, they had moved locations and were unable to open in time for the holiday season.
But that was ok, I would return.
This time we were staying in Orlando, but I had to make the trip South to Venice once again, even after a tire blowout on the way down from Virginia.
I'm so glad I did.
And It must be said,
just as Enchanting, are the shop owners,

Every wonderful thing
you may have ever heard or read about

and it's Keepers, its all so true.

I just have to share with you...

Do click on these pictures and take a look around.

Can you tell what I loved most, these dress forms of course.

If ever by chance your in Florida, this shop is so worthy of a visit.

I'll soon have more to share, stay tuned.


Mary Isabella said...

Happy fourth Of July...Hugs...Mary

Jeannene said...

Happy 4th of July Becky!!

I just wrote out a very pleasing comment and lost all data on my computer cause it expectingly had to shut off.."bummer!!"

Let me try to remember; I adore this lovely place, and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I always seem to "covet" and wish I was there with you all the time when you visit shops such as this. If I can ever get my "tootsie" out of California to visit around...I will be calling you to show me around, you "pro!!"

Also, if you haven't had the chance, I want to introduce you to "In Her Shoes", (you might find it very compelling) I hope you have a chance to check it out;

*I hope you can find the right shoes to wear today..;-))LOL


PS (wrong link above.."can you delete the other comment, please!"

Dawn said...

Oh Becky. How wonderful!!! I've seen them featured in Romantic Country right? What a beautiful shop, I know you must have had the best time!! Thank you for the pictures...I'll shop in my dreams! xxoo, Dawn