Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well, I did it. I have begone the second part of my new venture. I purchased my rose bushes today, very exciting. I also grabbed this book cause the truth is I know nothing about roses. I am gonna try to learn something new here. I guess this will be my beach novel for the summer.

So ya want to know what I chose? I have named them too so here we go... Monica, a Lavender Plum rose bush, this is the one I have been thinking of for a couple years, that is responsible for it all. It is a lavender color, (of course) and very fragrant, well they all are very fragrant. Then there is Dolly, she is a Peace rose bush. Her colors are yellow with a pinkish color on the tips. Next is named Grandpa, he is a Mister Lincoln rose bush. It is a deep red color. And last but not least, KC. Don't remember exactly what kind it is, it just said Tropicana or Tropical. I'll have to double check that one. She is a coral color, beautiful.
Tomorrow they go in the ground. After a trip to get some good soil , rose food and mulch. We have red clay here in Virginia, I better get to reading up on what is best.
Well, I have been working on Angels and Mermaids all week so I am ready for a break from that and can't wait to get my hands in the dirt tomorrow. If anyone has any advise for me I greatly appreciate it. I'll keep ya'll posted. Wish me luck.

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Jeannene said...

"Becky, I have to hand it to are very brave!!" We have lived here at our home for four years now. We have three rose bushes out in the front yard...still do not know how to maintain them!! I just don't care, you inspire me to take care of them now. Although...they do have lovely roses still every year. My mom loves cutting them and taking them home with her. Sorry, I do not have any advice for you...wish I did!! I am sure you will do a lovely job!!