Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letting Go...

 After having a few of my dolls published in PRIMS Magazine 
I thought I would not ever be able to let them go and put them up for adoption. 
They mean a lot to me, and are even more special is how I feel about them.
 I'm a proud mamma you could say. 
(Liberty has sold)
But after reading a very kind note from a customer 
who purchased  "Liberty", one of the published dolls I created. 
She was very pleased with her new doll, 
I just thought how nice it is
to know someone would want her, and have her in their home. 
(Libby has sold)
It's just as good a feeling as the first doll I made that was adopted,
 to the very last doll, the pleasure is always all mine. 
So I decided to let go... and put them up for adoption. 
So they are up for your consideration on  
Along with some new 
Mini Sheep pull toys. 
(sheep #1 & #2 have sold)

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