Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 100th White Wednesday...

Well, it's not my 100th White Wednesday post, I haven't participated every time.
But I really have enjoyed blog hopping this past year, because of White Wednesday.
 Thanks to Kathleen over at
for hosting White Wednesday. 
So, I'm posting " My Favorite Things"  around the house right now. 
No primping for this, just snap, snap, snap.
breakfast table blossoms...
New art...see the birdies? 
Bird painting below by...
 my most Favorite Treasure, 
My last Birthday gift from my sweetie...
White Woolen Strawberry,
Summers coming...
and favorite place is my studio,
Oh goodness pardon the mess, 
been workin on a little something...
The best time of the day to work is
when the Sun Shines in and makes everything sparkle and the
Whites, even Whiter...
You must go visit her blog and all the other participants,
she is having a giveaway to celebrate, 
Visit her blog for details...


Rebecca said...

I am in love with your studio!!!
So coool.
What are you working on?
Have a great weekend

Kathy said...

I love your studio, it is so calming. The color pallette is just perfect. I am all across the board I could never get mine to look like this. Your art is terrific. Kathy