Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New York City...

And the Tinsel Trading Company.

I took a little trip to NYC last weekend.
We had a Fantastical time in the
Big City.
It was a belated Birthday trip my
sweet Husband planned for us to see the
Tim Burton
Exhibit at the
Museum of Modern Art.
MoMA/Tim Burton
We had to wait for the snow to melt
and the weather to warm up a bit.
So all warmed up, we hopped a Train from DC
and headed up to New York City for the weekend.
The first place we headed to, was the
Tinsel Trading Company,
I just could not resist stopping by this place I have heard so much about and pick up
a few treasures for my Dollies.
And of course I had to snap a few pictures
of this beautiful Notions dreamland.
I tell you this place had me spinning.
Just take a look inside...
Wendy Addison Display,
oh my goodness, don't you just love her stuff.

Vintage Ribbons, yum.

Love the Silk Ribbon Flower...
Lovely Shop Keepers...
Beautiful Spring Window Display...

Well, I'm off to play in all my new Treasures and create some new dollies with all this sparkle and delight.

I'll have more on our trip soon.


Rebecca said...

I am so jealous... really I have been wanting to go to that store for the past 10 years easily! Thank you so much for giving me a mini tour, I loved it!
Many Blessings

oldgreymare said...

I was there for my first time last Aug while getting my daughter settled into her freshman dorm at NYU. I had waited years to go, ever since Martha first spoke of Marsha. My only wish is that I had gone to the old one before they moved.

Having recently done the same I know the feeling you had when you first walked up those glass windows and have your first peel. Almost magical


The Feathered Nest said...

Becky!!! What a wonderland!!! I'm so in love with it all ~ I would have been speechless....thank you so much for taking the time to share a little glimpse with us ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Haven't been to the new store yet but the old was fabulous. Hope to go this Fall.
Have fun with your goodies.