Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some White Wednesday Goodness...

Be it clean & crisp or old & grungy, surrounding myself in White things leaves me with no other choice then to relax, and breath.
Partnered with Sunshine and Linen, makes for a perfect atmosphere to dream and create.
I'd like to share some of my favorite pictures of White.

A sweetest collection...

A favorite Chair,
A summer Breeze,

Old Corbels

Ye olde Pie Safe,

and Us.

More White Wednesday goodness:


sweetpea said...

Gorgeous post. You have a way with your posting that makes me want to sit back and just drink it in...


Jeannene said... relaxing and peaceful!! Your home is so soft and comforting...I just want to come over and not leave..haha!!

XO Jeannene

Becky said...

White Wedesday is such a wonderful idea. Right in the middle of the week where everyone just needs the calm that only white can give.
Beautiful blog

Barb said...

I'd like to post abut your site and wonderful work on my blog,
and I'd like to post a couple of pics from your blog so everyone can see how great your work is.

Let me know if it is OK.

Barbara Jean

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That breeze on the curtains looks so refreshing!!

chickie said...

I am a push-over for all the shades of white.I enjoyed the pics you shared out there to everyone.I statrted out with my first blog "Whie Wednesday".I so excited" Chickie

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful display of whites, so much to enjoy thank you.
I feel refreshed and ready for the afternoon.