Friday, April 4, 2008

Did you ever go rummaging through your own "antique shop" , the one in your basement or closets or garage, and find the real treasures. The treasure of your own days gone by. Looking through old photos of strangers is fun. Wondering who these people are and where they are from, I get lost in day dreams during my trips to antique and vintage shops. It's when you find your own photos, of the people you know and the history you are familiar with, that is when you really feel like your truly found a treasure.
I did just that. I found these old pictures I have had on my mind lately. I knew I had some vintage photos of my own and last night I went treasure hunting.
This is my Mother, Martha Ella, oh so long ago,well before I was born.
Pretty right?

Here they are on their wedding day, 
in Germany some years earlier before they came to the U.S.
And here are a couple of my brothers.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Becky, don't you just love these old black & whites?? They truly are precious and of another era....we must treasure them! I'm sure that my children think I'm ancient because my baby photos are all those black and whites with those scalloped little edges!!! Thank you so much for sharing these Becky, xxoo, Dawn

nene said...

This is so very sentimental and very SWEET Becky!! Treasure these with all your heart. Put them in a safe "photo album" where they never fade or get ripped.

*You are so lucky;-))

Mary Isabella said...

What sweet memories these have saved for you....Mary

Susie said...

Omg Becky ..You Are so Wonderful and thats what makes having you as my baby great You Capture all your memories and make them great in your heart... Thanks so much for the piece of work you did on me you made me cry.. I love what you made me too.. I love these pic's of Eugene and Wilhem our eldest brothers .. I LOVE YOU BECKY>>>
Your Big sister.. Susie.. MUAHHH