Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy October all...

It is here, the weather has finally cooled and I feel it in the air, can you feel it?
Here comes Halloween.
Ghost and Goblins will give us a fright,
to spook and scare us in the night.
I am so inspired by this holiday. All the shops have theirs and now its time for me to make some frightful's for my shop around the corner. I'm hoping to have a few new things for my Etsy shop soon, a change is a comin, so be on the look out for that.
I'm working on Halloween things and I have a show next month so of course some Christmas too. I can't wait to show and tell my Santa's. I've been sketching all summer and can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Saturday, Hubby and I went for a "fall" drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Even though the leaves hadn't changed just yet, it was wonderful, and beautiful. It was like standing in heaven looking down. It was so peaceful, what a great time we had. We stopped for lunch at the Peaks of Otter, And sat by the lake below and just let the sun and crisp air wash over us. So peaceful, a perfect day.
We plan to go back again in mid October. We were told its when the leaves will have changed and will be even more beautiful.


Jeannene said...

"Dear Sweet Becky,"

This post is so inspiring...and make me want to hop on a plane and visit where you took these pictures. Thank you for sharing such beauty near is certainly nice to see your surroundings.

"Happy October to YOU..and don't forget to post your award..IT'S FOR YOU DEAR TO PUT UNDER YOUR AWARDS!!"


Jeannene said...

"LOL....Becky, are you working on your blog right now, IT LOOKS GREAT!!" I was just here a second ago and it was a different color, you are so artistic!! "LOVE YOUR MUSIC...sounds magical!! Come by lets chat...


Jeannene said...

" dance, makes me want to go ice skating in Grand Central Park, (that is in NY City, right??) Anyway, it is so me goose bumps(in a good way) and make my heart race!!"

I heard the other..was it the Halloween one?? That one was SCARRRRRY..BOO!!!


mica said...

happy Fall dear friend hope you are well too!!! My kids are now sick, so just trying to deal here!!! I ove this time of year and just want to enjoy it!!! ya know???? Talk to ya soon. Enchanting music by the way!!


PBVBRAT said...

Hey Bec,
Nice change. I've been blogging away since you taught me. Now I feel guilty if I don't have something to post. Now I have two posts!!! One for my High School Class as well. Nice music here. Miss you, miss you, miss you!!! But it is like you're here anyway because whenever I do crafts, Mom is Becky Becky Becky... =) So I will continue keeping her happy.
Love you,

Jeannene said...

"Hey YOU, where are you??" Come out..come out...where ever you ARE...LOL!!

Miss you!

Christine said...

beautiful Becky...wish we were riding along and seeing this gorgeous view in person,
thanks so much for sharing your wonderful day.