Thursday, July 5, 2007

Angels for Brianna...
There is still time for your bids at the Angels for Brianna auction site. Less than 24 hours to go. I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Brianna's family and the interest in the beautiful Angels created for this Auction.This experience has touched me and this beautiful face of this angel Brianna will never leave my memory. I am grateful to just be a small part of it.

~And now it is an angel's song,

That makes the heavens be mute~

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

An auction has been started for a new Angel in Heaven. Artist all over blogland decided to have an auction to honor Brianna, who was diagnosed and lost her battle with MDS. You can read her heartbreaking story here...
I have decided to join along to honor this sweet angel, I only know through reading her journey her mother so eloquently wrote about in their blog.You can get all the Auction information here at the Auction site...

The Auction will begin Sunday, July 8th at 10 am, and end Saturday July 14at 6:30 pm pst. With all I've seen from the bloggers I've visited there should be some beautiful Art to bid on. So come join with us to honor this special Angel. The Auction will help fund funeral expenses, an oil painting memorial and a contribution to the National Art Honor Society. This Honor Society is a group that Brianna formed at her high school. The Group was going to raise funds to help promote high school art through art shows.

Problems solved on Auction site. Please take a moment to go see all the amazing artwork created in Brianna's honor. And Bid, bid, bid, it is for a great cause.

Thank you.

My offering...

DESCRIPTION: HEAVENS ANGEL Soft Sculpture Angel Antique Christening dress, Mother of pearl button eyes, stitched mouth, Reproduction wood corbels wings. 23"LONG 23" WIDE Signed and dated,



jeannene said...

"How very beautiful, Becky!!" This is very thoughtful and sweet of you, I am sure there will be lots of precious donations to her name..."What a special Angel she is, indeed!!" My thoughts and prayer go out to her family and Auction as well.


Once Upon A Notion said...

Becky, she is lovely. Wasn't it such an honor to participate in this event to honor Brianna, and show support to Iva and her family. For me, it was trying, touching, and so fulfilling. I can't wait to see all the pieces tomorrow morning.

Thanks for giving of yourself this way!


jeannene said...


Becky I am Home troubles with Mr. Officer this time...(my hubby didn't let me drive)"LOL!!"

I am so tired and happy to be back all at the same time. (You know how that is?) Now, I can read all of All you lovely friends Post!!

Hugs to you,

jeannene said...

"Becky when are you leaving on your vacation?" Hope you have a wonderful and lovely time!! Are you driving? Please...don't make the same mistake i did...LOL!! Hope to see pic...will miss my writing buddy!!

Blessings and hugs,

Ulla said...

Becky! She is wonderful and oh so soulfull! Thank you for contributing!

Mica said...

I'm back!!! Good to be back checkin in on ya!!! I love your humble Angel.... I unfortunately didn't have time to enter an angel in.. I wonder if it's too late. well yours is lovely. I am also getting your swap package ready!!! Yay!!!


jeannene said...

"Thank you Becky for your sweet comment about my Post about strength and Brianna's Auction." I notice everyone is posting this and wanted to contribute somehow even though You and Mica and so many others make and create beautiful dollies. I did not get blessed in that area, but am willing to learn.

Have a lovely time away, and talk to you soon dear!!

smiles & hugs,

jeannene said...

"Becky"...i am so happy you made it there safely with no troubles!! You are so sweet to have let me know, you must have a "Lap Top" you lucky girl...ha..LOL! Keep me posted and you have to share your beautiful pictures with us. Thank you for your sweet compliment to my children, you made me smile:-))!!

smiles and hugs,

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Hi Becky.
You have done such a wonderful job with the angel.
Her caracter is great!
I am thrilled with how this project is getting so much attention and raising money.
They are doing a fantastic job.
I look forward to watching your blog onwards.
Much love.

CCs Whimsies said...

HI Becky! I just wanted to stop by and tell you how precious your angel is!!!! I love your Blog! Take care of yourself! Christy

jeannene said...

"Well i caved in and did a new post!!" (sorry...i really wanted to wait..just couldn't...LOL!! Just wanted you to know so you wouldn't feel left out, and you have to see what a sweet little treasure i got!! Hope you are having a lovely time friend, and (no tickets...women..LOL!!)


jeannene said...

"Hey Friend?" I know your back?!! I just wanted to drop in and see how everything went on your little get away? Your probably working on a lovely post right i will let you go so you can share beautiful pictures of the "Beaches in Virginia!!"


Mica said...

Hope you had a lovely trip. looking forward to your pics. and new dolls!!! hee hee. I am just about done with that crazy package for you. I have hit some stumbling blocks with other things in my life lately...But can't wait anyway for the swap to actually take place. yay!!! Anyhoo... will look forward to hearing from ya. Always a friend, Mica