Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summers End...

And Autumn begins. I have been working and sewing, trying to play catch up. I can't believe I'm saying this. I am trying to catch up on fall dolls and I'm already looking forward to making my Santa's. Where has the time gone, where has August gone?

Anyway, I haven't posted in a while and wanted to drop in and show these great pictures. The watering can I got at a shop around the corner. A sweet lady has an Antique shoppe in her old garage and I found this in there and fell in love with it. The Sunflowers came from Portobello Road, the shop I work at. A local lady has a beautiful wild flower garden and sells fresh cut flowers at the shop. They are about a week old and I thought the way they are facing down a bit just made me think of summers end. The butterfly was at Smith Mountain Lake. We took a day last week and rented a boat and just road around the lake for hours and it was peaceful and beautiful. This butterfly was fluttering around as I got off the boat, didn't fly away. He was just sitting there at the waters edge and let me take its picture, for about 4 shots and then just flew away finally into the woods. I was about 1 foot from him. Here are a couple more shot of this amazing man made lake, nearly just around the corner from my home...

One more thing. I do want to announce I am having a mermaid sale at my shop around the corner. Tomorrow the price will drop to $49.00, with free shipping for the mermaids only.
I hope all who visit here have a safe and blessed day and Labor day weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I just received my Marie Antoinette swap package from
Mica of What a wonderful box of treasures, so many surprises. The first picture below is of little Marie she made herself, my favorite of course and my other favorite is a ring that lights up. This is so me, I love stuff like that. I still put quarters in those prize machines at the grocery store. I love it all Mica, thank you so much. I am so pleased with it all. I am one lucky gal.


My treasure trove.

click picture to see light up ring.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Peace to Men of Goodwill"

Look at the sunshine bursting out of my Peace rose. So its been a while since I've mentioned my roses. I've been nursing them since the deer attack and I'm happy to report they are doing well.
So much is going on I can't believe I am even keeping up with it. But I am, so far. Fall season hit me like a ton of bricks and I've gotten so much done in such a short time. All packed and delivered already, in fact the report from Virginia Beach is all fall delivered last week, is already gone. Yah! So back to the drawing board for me for new orders, but not until I go spend the day helping at Portobello Road tomorrow. I have family visiting with much still to keep up with. Today was my play day and shopping for Mica's vintage Kitchen swap, I hope Jeannene will love the fun stuff I found.
I am also honored to report I am working on a new special angel for the Lil Ava Grace angel silent auction. All proceeds will help defray Ava Grace's medical expenses.You can find out all about it here...
This lil angel needs your prayers

Friday, August 17, 2007

New items coming to my shop around the corner...
I've been busy making and delivering things for fall and
stopped to play with my old watches. Here is what I made. Does anyone remember these? I posted about them in the beginning of my blog. I collect ladies old watches and use them in my work and make these lovely bracelets. What great conversation pieces.
The gold one has a couple diamond chips in it and I used 5 watches in each one. On the silver one, each watch has diamond chips on them. I have added a sweet charm to the silver one, it is a silver colored star with angel wings on it. I just can't resist anything with angels wings. The silver one also has working parts, if you wined it up it will keep time on the center watch.
I love these so much.
I will put them on my Etsy shop tonight.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The best feeling...

I wanted to send out a huge thank you to Dawn for sending me this "Nice Matters" Award. What a nice thing to do.
I once was at a Folk art show at the William and Mary college in Williamsburg Virginia. It was the best show I had ever been to and then I was asked to do the show myself and I was honored and grateful. Well I did the show for about 6 or 7 years and loved it even more, and more each year. But there came a time the promoters decided the show had to end and It was bittersweet for me cause I never wanted it to end, but glad it went out on a high note. At the end, it was still the best folk art show I had ever been to.
Anyway, One year I was walking around taking a break from my booth (shopping) and over heard a couple ladies chatting about one of the newer vender's. As I shopped I couldn't help over hearing all the kind things they were saying about this new doll artist and her beautiful work, and how sweet she was and funny too. I thought it was nice to hear two people chatting about something nice about someone, rather than gossip and such. Well, I finished looking and started on my way to the next booth and walked in front of these two kind ladies and again over heard one say to the other, "Oh that's her, (pointing at me) she is so nice, and I love her dolls" I looked up and realized it was me they were chatting about and thought "oh wow". I don't think they knew I had over heard anything and well, I just gave them a smile and a wink and went on my way.
I just thought to myself, what a great feeling over hearing something nice about one's self. I learned how to be an even better person that day. A kind thing said is good for the soul, for who ever says it and who it is said about. I have chatted with so many sweet people here and just feel so welcome. Thanks for all who have visited On a Wing and A Prayer. Thanks for the kind words, inspiration, and sharing your art for all to see.
And Thank you Dawn for bringing back this sweet memory for me. You are so Nice, and nice really does matter...
I'd like to send this same award out to just a few of the sweetest people I know.

for always having a kind word.
for always being the first to cheer me on and such a sweetie.
Always there in a pinch, most encouraging, thoughtful, and kind.
Kristin: For her lovely, kind words
for always having a sweet compliment .
I'll tell you what's nice. Cruising so many lovely blogs and finding so many nice matters awards. It's all over blog land and I just think that's "NICE"

Monday, August 6, 2007


It's about time... I did it... I finally opened a Etsy shop. Oh and it feels so good to have gotten it all done.
So let me introduce to you... "Heavens Angel"
My favorite kind of angel. She is made with a Babies Christening dress, reproduction corbels for wings and soft sculpture body. Embellished with mother of pearl button eyes, a mans old watch face on her dress front, and a silver key to heaven.
And next, my sweet Fairy Princess (you may already be familiar with) "FAWN" dressed in pink she has a mesh collar, adorned with an old watch face. Her wings are made of paper and wire and her princess crown is also paper with mother of pearl buttons all around. Her hair is wool and I've hand painted her sweet angelic face, and her tiny black slippers. She measures 16"long from the top of her crown to the tips of her princess toes and her wings measure 8" across.

And we have my two mermaids.
From the sea she swim, A baby blue curvy-tailed mermaid named "Madison". Embellished with shells, starfish and sand dollars. Hand (glass)beading on her tail and belly button and silver twine and jewels. With mesh wrapped around her waist and in her hair of lambs wool and mohair. I have also hand painted her sweet face.

And I have a sweet sea angel with a pink tail and pinkish lambs wool hair. Embellished with shells, starfish and sand dollars. Hand (glass)beaded tail. I've hand painted her lovely face. I've used scrim (mesh) around her waist and in her hair.

And Last but not least...

Clock is ticking, there's sewing to be done.
This vintage look "Heart in Hand" Pin-keep is made of muslin and embellished with 2 old glass top pins, a bell, a stuffed heart with a grungy paper scrap, a gold key, and a men's old watch face. The base is a glass candle holder I've grudged up. The perfect decoration for your vintage home. Also works great for holding your rings and other jewels.

Well, thank you for looking in on what I've been up to.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I have often heard it said by the human race today
Isn't it a dogs life when things don't go their way
Do they know what they are saying,
they do not you can be sure
For I am speaking from experience,
so I will tell you more
I wake up in the morning and rise up from my bed
Then stroll around the garden until my breakfast I am fed
After that I have a walk, this could be long or short
Depending on the weather, should it rain I won't get caught
When I get back my coat is brushed,
and made to look quite smart
Is this then that dogs life that was mentioned at the start
I then find myself a quiet spot and settle down to sleep
For soon there'll be another walk,
an appointment I must keep
Sometimes in the car I go
and walk around a wood
It appears it is the thing to do,
they say it does me good
Then home once more,
its time by then to be served up with my tea
This of course is brought to me,
they always wait on me
Another snooze and then we're off
to stroll around once more
That ends the day with nowt to do but lay around and snore
So when they say its a dogs life,
and as they weep and wail
There is one thing that's quite certain,
that dog is no Airedale.